These educational meetings have been organised by Pf Media and E4H in conjunction with Triducive.

Making pharma brands relevant within an Integrated Care System

Wednesday 13th May, 12:30pm


The development of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) is growing rapidly and brings together various providers of care to improve the health of a population.

Understanding how your brand can create as much shared value as possible in this new decision-making structure will be critical to achieve greater relevance (and use!).

Tim Warren

Director, Triducive

An expert in integrated care, Tim has vast experience with helping organisations and the NHS to develop and drive the use of 100+ integrated care pathways to achieve better outcomes and efficiency. His breadth of experience across industry markets and depth of NHS relationships positions him uniquely to help organisations to adapt to an ICS-led system.

Tim Warren will discuss:

  • The emerging role of ICS and their goals
  • How Integrated Care Pathways will support ICS goals
  • How pharma brands can engage and benefit
  • Plus Q&A